Ride the Bus

Need a lift? Harlow’s Shuttle Service is available weekly with scheduled trips from Bismarck and Mandan to Prairie Knights. It’s only $10 per person round trip. Ride includes $20 in free slot play and four-hour stay. Trips depart from the parking lot of Kmart and the Dan’s Supermarket location in Mandan. The following schedule lists the departure times from Kmart and Dan’s Supermarket:

Kmart Departure Times
Mondays 9:30am
Thursdays & Fridays 6:30pm
Sundays 4pm
Dan’s Supermarket Mandan Departure Times
Mondays 10am
Thursdays & Fridays 7pm
Sundays 4:30pm

Guests must be a Knight Club member to redeem free play and receive voucher.
If you’re not yet a member, sign up at Guest Services — It’s easy and free!

Bus Appreciation Days

Bus Appreciation Days fall on the first Wednesday of the month.

Only $5 per person!

Bus departs from Kmart in Bismarck at 9:30am & 6:30pm.
Bus departs from Dan’s in Mandan at 10am & 7pm.
Bus returns from Prairie Knights at 4pm & 12am.

Participants receive $20 in free slot play and free Feast of the Rock burger and fries.
— Use any of our Knight Club kiosks to print your burger and fries voucher.