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Meetings & Events

Setup Options

We offer several different setup options depending on the purpose, size and tone of your gathering, with customized seating and three choices of tables. Six-foot tables seat three per side, eight-foot tables seat five per side, and round tables seat ten.

Each setup option can be used in the full room or half room. Variations and combinations of these basic setups are also available. For example, your event may call for several round tables and a long rectangular head table. Or perhaps you prefer a combination style setup to accommodate a meeting and meal. We’ll be happy to work with you to find what best fits your needs.

Formal Style – For formal dining events, the full banquet room can be setup for 170 people, with 17 round tables, each seating ten. This setup can include live cooking stations and bars.

Theater Style – For seminars and lectures, the full banquet room can be setup for 200 people, with chairs only, all facing a podium or overhead screen at the front of the room.

Classroom Style  For seminars and lectures that might require notes or writing, the full banquet room can be setup for 150 people, with rows of tables and chairs, all facing the front of the room.

U-Shape Style  This setup is for presentations that require interaction among members of the audience. The U-shape setup allows audience members to view the front of the room or each other with comfort.

Fishbone Style  For variety and convenience try our fishbone set-up. The full banquet room can accommodate up to 150 people in this style.

Hollow Square Style  The hollow square style setup is for meetings and conferences requiring discussion and exchange of ideas.